Monday, 17 October 2011

Laptop is Overheating

Why do laptop's overheat?? How do I know that my laptop is overheating?
This a familiar dilemma to all owner's in recent years when their laptop's overheat.
Laptop overheating results to hardware failure and permanent damage. If you're the owner then I'm sure that you don' want that to happen. right? If you encountered this kind of problem the first thing you must do is to understand the cause of the problem and probably a solution will come-up. 
 A common root of overheating is when air vents  is blocked by dust. Laptop needs air vents to cool the heat inside the device. Through this blog, i will share to you on my idea on how to prevent  the cause of your favorite device to overheat and be damaged. Forever!!!!.

Problems Encountered when Laptops Overheat:
  • system crashes and  freezing
  • computer shuts down suddenly for no reason or maybe the temperature is too hot
  •  when blue screen of death appears!
  •  computer damage and my require replace of major parts(motherboards and graphic cards)
Causes for Laptops to Overheat
  • overkill use of laptops causes laptop to heat
  • gaming causes laptop to over heat
Health issue is a concern when a laptop is overheating. Reviews show that regular user's position their laptop's  from the name it self "laptop" on their laps. Studies show that from overheating causes from sterility to burned genetilla. Advise to us sperm lovers avoid placing your laptop's on your love if you to see more of your genes!

If your laptop is still in warranty, don't waste time and go  directly to the manufacturer and ask for replacement to avoid wasting your money! Don't Just stand their! Replace your laptop now!


  1. feel free to comment. i posted this blog based on my experience.. just ask me and I'm very willing to answer. there's more to that blog..

    be free to ask...

  2. I don't want to sound spamyy but hey, if you want to replace a laptop, why not have a laptop trade in? At least you'll get cash to replace your traded laptop.

  3. hey,
    i too had similar problem.
    Then I took a handkerchief soaked it in water and kept my laptop on wet handkerchief. Now its working perfectly.
    By doing so, I was able to reduce temperature and hence my laptop cooled.
    i guess this method is way cheaper than buying a cooling USB fan.

  4. this helped my case :-

  5. thanks for sharing your ideas. Still, this overheating is a dilemma to all laptop users.

  6. My acer laptop have the same problem...only when playing newer total war games like Napoleon and Shogun 2.I can't even enjoy the game when it shuts off so often... thanks, @Niamh

  7. I totally agree with your insights. Your circuit boards may be damaged, and the result will be unpleasant budget-wise. There are some easy ways to prevent overheating of your laptop. First, you can buy cheap fans that can be placed under your laptop. They are very efficient, and drastically reduce your laptop’s temperature. Second, you must consider where you’re using your laptop. Placing it on your bed, for example, will make it hotter because the air holes are clogged. Lastly, limit your usage for three to four hours and then take a rest for at least an hour. Practicing some of these will ensure the longevity of your laptop.

    Lakendra Wiltse

  8. Hi, I'd like to share. Overheating computers can cause a lot of problems, from seemingly random blue screens to data loss. You might not even know that it’s the root of your issues, and before you know it you have a burnt-out motherboard on your hands. Let’s go step by and step and see how to deal with overheating computers. We’ll be dealing primarily with laptops, but most of the same principles apply to desktops as well. The first thing you need to do is figure out where the heat is coming from. No air flow means no heat transfer, so figure out where the air vents are. Are they blowing hot air, or is there barely a breeze, even when the fan is overtaxed?
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  9. What are the actual temps you're getting? And what kind of CPU is in your laptop? Intel CPUs like an i5 or i7 can run very hot (thermal max is 105°C), they also come with a turbo boost technology which will up the clock speed and voltage if it feels like it. Of course running close to thermal max is not a good thing.
    If you need a program to get the temps I personally like using this one

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